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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

WAHM -Work At Home, Mom

I've just put together a new e-book for work at home moms, and for those that want to be work at home moms. (you can get it free for now)

There is new material, and there is some old material that has been re-edited and needed to be published.

The plan is to put the WAHM e-book on e-bay and in an amazon store with a buy now price of $10.00. I am also writing a far more extensive, investment oriented, Speculation Rules e-book that will be priced at US$49.99. I now have 5 e-books for the sites - most will be $10.00 or less. There are more books planned.

This Work At Home Mom book will be a bargain. There is encouragement, advise, and some links to work at home programs that really work - really! It is nice to know that if your priority is your family, you can live your life with them.

WAHM is for those that realize it is not what are your priorities but it is who are your priorities. Things are nice, but that is all they are.

A fulfilled life is rooted in relationships, not in things. Being a work at home mom allows you to spend time with what you feel is most important.

Guys can read it too, we have our priorities also.

That is a lot of useful material for a very low entry fee. It is probably going to be available for Christmas - e-mail it to a mom you care about.

You can get this "not quite perfect edition" if you will give me some feed back. Tell me what you liked, what confused you, and what you would like added to the final version.

If you send me timely feed back - "arwally at gmail dot com" - I'll send you a free copy of the final version also.

Download this book about becoming a WAHM - Work At Home, Mom. It's yours now, and for now it's free.


Seth Gooden Is A Marketing Genius

Unleashing The Idea Virus – by Seth Gooden

This book is a great introduction to the power of the Internet.

Seth Gooden is a marketing genius. You want proof? I own a physical copy of this best selling book and have read it several times – even though I can down load it for free.

Seth Gooden gives it away – and it becomes a best seller – that is brilliant Internet marketing.

After you read Unleashing The Idea Virus you may want to exhibit a bit of that brilliance you have.

Every small business can use a good sneezer.


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Small Business Ideas For The Internet

The world is changing - even if you have a small local business your need to be on the Internet.

  • Your competition is getting on the net.
  • Google maps now point out local businesses.
  • All the search engines are starting to reference local business in a more logical manner.
  • Your customers use the net to get information.
  • Did I mention your competition is on the net or thinking about it.

There is a learning curve to getting effective net coverage. This is not like the yellow pages - although for some of you it may be bigger. No-one will come to the door to sell you a standard format. There are kids and professors at the local college that can get you started for little money - or you can do it yourself for almost nothing.

If you use professionals - expect to pay what you would for other professional services. A great web master is part advertiser, copy writer, public relations agent, and navigation specialist. If he does it right - your customer will enjoy the site just as much as the search engines.

There is a value to having bought and used your name in terms of how the search engines will treat you. Pick your name and get something up today, you can re-do it next year if you wish. Web names are like wine - a little age is a good thing.

You can go through earlier posts on this blog if you want specifics on doing it yourself.

Think of it this way - when your customer is on your site he has chosen you. You have his undivided attention to communicate with him.

Make that time valuable to your customer.


Monday, October 23, 2006

Low Cost Start-up Businesses & Low Risk Business opportunities

For now the Internet offers low, low cost start-up businesses and a low risk business opportunity environment.

Have you thought about how nice it would be to have your own local business and not have to work for someone else?

Have you checked into the costs of buying a local business, or starting your own? A common thought is to buy a franchise business - but those not only have up-front expenses, they also might take a percentage of your gross income. Ouch - that's like another big tax.

Now is a good time to redefine local business. You can not get more local than working in your living room or managing your business at your kitchen table.

For now it is easy to get good software to research and build your online business at a low price. You can still use natural or organic search engine results to build your business for free. You will save years and lots of money avoiding a physical local business and starting an international web based home business.

You will also save years, and lots of money, and avoid lots of frustration if you start your business with the right tools. Do it right, do it early, and start earning that income much sooner. You will also get started before regulation and competition makes business entry more difficult.

Will you need the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars that a brick and mortar business or franchise can cost?

How does less than a thousand dollars sound -- to start right and get your business running quickly?

I have two ideas, mine and some other guy's.

If you want to start today, build a solid business in a short time, and you are not afraid of work - try the other guy's.

If you want to investigate for a while, learn about Internet marketing, and start a web-based business with no start-up cost, and almost no ongoing fees - Try Mine!

Quite honestly, if you are serious and want to get your home based internet business going right, going big and going soon - the other guy's stuff is what you want.

It provides a --
low, low cost start-up businesses and a low risk Internet business opportunity.

If you want to start a business - there are no acceptable excuses not to start now.


Friday, October 20, 2006

Your Small Business Requires Your Commitment

The choice is yours.

If you have a program you believe in - work it.

Find a small piece that needs done and do it.
Now do it again.

You can make a difference in your life,
and in the lives of others,
if you will begin right now.

Put it off and you will still be stuck in a rut.
A rut is just a grave with the ends kicked out.

If you don't have a program you believe in -
commit yourself to this
start-up Internet business idea.
Read the follow-up e-mail letters.
Do the small tasks required,
and do them often.

You can do it, or you can quit --- again.

Build up momentum and keep increasing speed,
don't stop
investigate - analyze - start-up - build up


The time is past for pleasing suggestions.
You know what to do.

So Do IT!


Sunday, October 15, 2006

Are You Thrilled With Your Current Job?

Most people like at least part of their job - or they would leave.

What you may like is just that you have been there a long time and you hate change even more than you hate the job.

For everybody else - today it is time to change.

You don't have to change everything - just you.

Opportunities await your action -- it is time to start moving.

If you can not decide which way to move consider your passions first. Now all you need to do is find those that share your passions, and are willing to pay to learn and experience more.

Take it to the Internet. Your knowledge and passion can create your dream job, doing what you love when you want to do it. You will not get there today - but you can start today so you will be there in a year or two. What will you be doing in two years if you don't start today?

Expect the Internet to get regulated and taxed eventually - but for now it is very easy and inexpensive to get started. Those that wait will have a harder time than you.

The Internet has the following advantages, and more:

  • a billion international customers waiting, all wanting something specific
  • inexpensive to start and build your business
  • inexpensive and free advertising
  • easy, fast, and inexpensive to test and measure alternatives
  • you can work when you want to - at your own pace
  • a quick way to start earning money
  • low operating expense
  • low regulation
  • easy to automate

Did I mention inexpensive?

And that list is just the start.

But to acquire all of these benefits you have to start.

Do IT!


Saturday, October 14, 2006

Do You Have A Small Local Business

Are you a web master for local businesses?

The link in the title is for business owners that want to do it themselves. The link at the end is for webmasters that want to help local businesses.

Both courses are free and full of valuable material.

Just a few short years ago, the Internet
was not really the place to
reach customers in local markets.

However, search giants such as Google
and Yahoo! are responding to a growing
shift in customer search patterns...

More people are searching for local businesses!

From SiteSell:

Sharon Odom Fling, a Webmaster and LOCAL small business
marketing expert, shows Webmasters how to tap into the huge
and desperate local business market.

As the engines meet the needs of local search, making it
easier and easier, expect local search to expand. Due to a
positive feedback loop, local search is growing... fast.

That's great news for local Webmasters, IF they know how to
actually build local BUSINESSES, not just sites. A webmaster
business course is also available - at no charge.

Small businesses in your neighborhood, actually in every
neighborhood, NEED help. Most of them have never owned a
Web site, or have failed at one or more. They have no clue
how to make it generate leads and sales for their business.

These local business owners often view Web site building as
too complicated or not worth the time and effort.

Sharon also presents real-life case studies (with full
audio) on 5 budding entrepreneurs who are successfully using
the Net.

Download these free courses and read them.

Sharon's eight highly-effective strategies show Webmasters
how to connect with local biz owners, AND how to make this
market successful, AND how to make these owners rave and
build buzz about their Webmasters.

If you're a Webmaster and it's right for you,

what are you waiting for?


Sunday, October 08, 2006

Just A Simple Pencil

The beauty and power of capitalism can be found in this wonderful little story related by a pencil.

I Pencil carries a great message, and as one so closely associated with writing it is no surprise that Mr. Pencil spins a story so well.

My attention was recalled to this brief and exhilarating story by a student at Bastiat Free University. I seems the link to I Pencil in one of our courses was no longer connecting.

I mourn the passing of a link to valuable knowledge, and especially a fun read. I will therefor promote as a eulogy to the former link a new link to the I Pencil story as told to Leonard E Read.

Here is a way to access a sharpened learning tool capable of surgically removing ignorance without pain.

Another way to honor that dearly departed link is to ask you to click on a new link to the same interesting story, and ask you to read it.

The old I Pencil link is dead - Long live the new link!

Ladies and gentlemen - I now present for you edification and enjoyment:

Friday, October 06, 2006

Is There A Better Than e-Mail communicator?

Read this short story on a different style of communication, one that might get read.

Yesterday I listened to a recorded conversation between two greats of direct marketing. They discussed old pre-Internet days, and how things had both changed and stayed the same. There was a lot of good material.

The direct mail guy mentioned how everything is always changing, and you have to be able to adapt, he said his new marketing campaign had streaming video.

Okay so far, nothing new.

The other guy, who started on the net and was starting to work his list with off line marketing dropped a one line bomb shell. He said with troubles communicating by e-mail, he was sending his messages directly to the desktop - and avoiding e-mail altogether. Then the conversation moved on.

What was that?

Direct to prospects or customers desktop and skipping the hassle of e-mail? I wanted to know more.

I've found out a bit more, or should i say it found me, and it starts this morning. This may not be the whole story, but you never know everything when a new technology hits. Those who used early TRS80 and Apple II personal computers had no idea of where it might lead - but they were well ahead of the pack when powerful change came.

Direct To Desktop communications, we may just be seeing a part of it, but the part we see may make a huge difference. This may keep growing, and you will be here on the first day. Take a look, and see what the future might hold.

A simple name - a simple concept, perhaps a powerful new, new, thing.




Sunday, October 01, 2006

Internet Niche Market Research And Development

A couple of compelling reasons to use the Internet for niche market research and development are speed and cost.

There is a lot of information online about attacking niche markets. Most of the information however is directed at small local businesses, and follows standard niche market media methodologies. While there is a place for radio, newspaper, and magazine ads in building any business, they are comparatively slow and expensive for niche marketing plan development purposes.

The Internet is media, but a very responsive media. Not everything that works on one media is directly transferable to other marketing platforms - but usually there will be a strong relationship. You can create niche market adds today, with variations in headlines, copy, price points, style, and graphics and have them up and testing by tonight. You can even test them on several types of online media; blogs, ppc, forums, and other tightly focused Internet properties.

Due to heavy competition you can also save a great deal of cash by using tightly segmented ads within these same focused properties. Developing your own blog or website will allow further cost savings and more opportunities to market test your ideas.

The low regulation and low entry cost environment on the Internet allow you to discover your niche market and develop it quickly and inexpensively. You are also afforded the opportunity to flexibly adjust your strategies if you were wrong about your niche's composition, desires, and needs. Once again, the adjustments indicated by your niche market research can be fast and inexpensive.

Use all the media available to you that will show a positive return on investment (ROI). That investment in ROI is your money, the return in ROI will become your money.

Internet niche market research and development is your fast, low cost, first choice.


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