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Monday, October 23, 2006

Low Cost Start-up Businesses & Low Risk Business opportunities

For now the Internet offers low, low cost start-up businesses and a low risk business opportunity environment.

Have you thought about how nice it would be to have your own local business and not have to work for someone else?

Have you checked into the costs of buying a local business, or starting your own? A common thought is to buy a franchise business - but those not only have up-front expenses, they also might take a percentage of your gross income. Ouch - that's like another big tax.

Now is a good time to redefine local business. You can not get more local than working in your living room or managing your business at your kitchen table.

For now it is easy to get good software to research and build your online business at a low price. You can still use natural or organic search engine results to build your business for free. You will save years and lots of money avoiding a physical local business and starting an international web based home business.

You will also save years, and lots of money, and avoid lots of frustration if you start your business with the right tools. Do it right, do it early, and start earning that income much sooner. You will also get started before regulation and competition makes business entry more difficult.

Will you need the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars that a brick and mortar business or franchise can cost?

How does less than a thousand dollars sound -- to start right and get your business running quickly?

I have two ideas, mine and some other guy's.

If you want to start today, build a solid business in a short time, and you are not afraid of work - try the other guy's.

If you want to investigate for a while, learn about Internet marketing, and start a web-based business with no start-up cost, and almost no ongoing fees - Try Mine!

Quite honestly, if you are serious and want to get your home based internet business going right, going big and going soon - the other guy's stuff is what you want.

It provides a --
low, low cost start-up businesses and a low risk Internet business opportunity.

If you want to start a business - there are no acceptable excuses not to start now.



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