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Friday, October 06, 2006

Is There A Better Than e-Mail communicator?

Read this short story on a different style of communication, one that might get read.

Yesterday I listened to a recorded conversation between two greats of direct marketing. They discussed old pre-Internet days, and how things had both changed and stayed the same. There was a lot of good material.

The direct mail guy mentioned how everything is always changing, and you have to be able to adapt, he said his new marketing campaign had streaming video.

Okay so far, nothing new.

The other guy, who started on the net and was starting to work his list with off line marketing dropped a one line bomb shell. He said with troubles communicating by e-mail, he was sending his messages directly to the desktop - and avoiding e-mail altogether. Then the conversation moved on.

What was that?

Direct to prospects or customers desktop and skipping the hassle of e-mail? I wanted to know more.

I've found out a bit more, or should i say it found me, and it starts this morning. This may not be the whole story, but you never know everything when a new technology hits. Those who used early TRS80 and Apple II personal computers had no idea of where it might lead - but they were well ahead of the pack when powerful change came.

Direct To Desktop communications, we may just be seeing a part of it, but the part we see may make a huge difference. This may keep growing, and you will be here on the first day. Take a look, and see what the future might hold.

A simple name - a simple concept, perhaps a powerful new, new, thing.





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