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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Preparation for Sudden Change


Sometimes the unexpected happens.

Sometimes it is severe.

Like the Boy Scouts say, - be prepared.

For yourself; - have a plan and an emergency kit wherever you spend a lot of time. In your car, at the office or store, at your second home if you have one.

For your family; - practice or at least talk about home emergencies. Plan for them and have a survival kit. Have an out of state or out of country contact everyone in the effected area can call with a code-4 report.

For your business; - have a plan if nothing in the home office will be available, ever. Plan for the employees and have supplies available. Have dispersed back up systems to pick up the load if computers and shipping are not available, or if data has been destroyed. Look at your insurance.

Economists exist in a fairy tale world where things change in a smooth linear fashion.

Life is not linear

Be prepared when life goes parabolic. Sudden and wonderful or sudden and catastrophic events occur far more frequently then our minds and most models would predict.

Step away from the punch bowl.

Look at all the ways of escape and survival if things go horribly wrong. Take a guess at what could happen and prepare for it. The events themselves will probably be different than expected.

Expect it.




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