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Friday, October 28, 2005

Let The Sun Shine In


This actually has two meanings. The first is to avoid cabin fever. The second is to subject your projects to review.

Sometimes all it takes to keep us at the computer is a cup of coffee and a pb&j sandwich. We can work well past our peak productivity in both hours per day or days per month.

Enough of being a mushroom, go out, get out, get some sun shine.

Our projects need some sunshine too. Sometimes I have asked someone to review my project and said I wasn't sure whether to do A or B; and had them suggest a C I hadn't thought about. We can get so focused we get tunnel vision.

Once in a while someone will say something that will make me step back and re-think the whole project. That is a good thing; far better sooner than latter.

Let the sun shine in.




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