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Monday, October 24, 2005

The Other Way to success


We have been told how to succeed.

What we have really been told is how someone else succeeded, in the past.

The world is changing rapidly. What created success in the recent past may not be what succeeds in the future.

We are leaving the industrial age behind. The institutions created by large economies of scale are deflating as individuals are empowered to achieve on their own. A French fellow, C. F. Bastiat; wrote of a similar transitional period in the mid 1800s.

For those raised in the 1940s and 50s a degree was a meal ticket. Due to the success of those few that had degrees, society is now creating hoards of degreed graduates. As institutions downsize, rightsize, outsize, and perhaps capsize; there may be a surplus of degrees chasing decreasing rewards.

A diploma is a self marketing tool. It will probably remain useful for at least the next ten or twenty years.

What you will probably need more in the future is useful knowledge. Pursue learning more than a degree. Invest in yourself, learn all you can about what ignites your passions.

The future will belong to those that possess knowledge, adaptability, integrity, and passion.



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