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Friday, October 21, 2005

dreampower and Freedom

The dreams you linger in are ones that are personal. - Dreams that reflect a freedom to do and be whatever you desire.

As we move our thoughts from dreams to goals, reality restricts our freedoms. You can no longer fly to your friends house in your private plane. You have no plane, and the authorities would not let you land in your friends back yard.

If your dreams are strong enough you may develop goals that will allow you to earn your plane with the proper training to fly it. You of course will still have to deal with the authorities.

Whatever country you live in, there will be restrictions. If your dreams are important enough, you may have to move to a country where your goals are acceptable, and possible.

Expand your vision, consider opportunities and methods others will never consider. Be a citizen of the world, select your location for your benefit.

Once you are a success on your own terms you will have plenty of opportunity to help others.

"The risks and rewards for you from creative entrepreneurship are greater, and of far more value to society, than illusions of security that enslave a human cog in a social machine." - Allan Wallace



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