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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Accomplish Great Things


There are three ways I see the world can go from here, financially.

  • We can just keep muddling through, slowly declining.

  • We may soon hit a big recession or a greater depression.

  • We may explode in a parabolic curve upwards as the information and miniaturization age replaces the industrial age.

But even inevitable is not the same as immediate. - Bastiat Free University is built with the anticipation of the big recession or worse, followed by the parabolic shot up. - That is what we believe is the most likely scenario.

It will be a time to accomplish great things.

Fiat money backed by a politician's promise rather than an asset has, for the history of the world, always reverted to the value of that promise. Zero.

Even the US$ has lost over 90% of its value since the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913. The Federal Reserve was created to manipulate money. International agreements to define money politically rather than as a reflection of a commodity have had the world in cash value turmoil since.

Right now it is cheaper to build a company in most industries than buy one. A small well placed company may survive and build value during lean times, and explode in value as the world emerges.

For now, things are more valuable than cash. - Debt is dangerous.

If the world goes straight to the parabola, unlikely but possible, business should be very good.

For your best business potential, start now. - start dreaming today of how to place and grow your business. Tomorrow build that dream into a goal with specifics and a time frame. The next day do research investigating where, how, and what to call your new business.

Then see the prior post.



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