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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Simple Choice Close


One basic sales close is to suggest two choices, one complex the other easy. Many times, if the client is ready to buy, the client will accept the easy choice. This helps them avoid the inner debate about dozens of issues and make one selection.

In the spirit of the above, we will offer many different entry pages to Bastiat Free University. The heavy but fact filled one you just saw, a short BFU summation, and a flashy educational intro.

We will start a major remake of the site in January of 2006, but will retain these pages.

I figure I will use the summation page for most incoming links, it is easy and straight forward.

So far the students like the educational intro. It can also be easily skipped if the reader is impatient.

The heavy fact filled one has already been cut in half, with the extra thrown onto the Bastiat Free University philosophy page. It needs to stay on the diet and may be cut up again.

Another page used for entry is about the future of learning, Revive Renaissance Education.

The true target of all these pages is an informed click to the no-cost registration page.


"When you add that link to dreampower would you like to chose a BFU page to link to also?"

Here are two links, dreampower and BFU Summation.

dreampower, capture your dreams:

Bastiat Free University, rediscover the pleasures of self directed learning:

"It has been a business doing pleasure with you." ;>}






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