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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

)( Work Your Dream


You know what you want.

You have defined and expanded your dream into a time specific goal.

You want to be super successful.

The super successful do the work required for success.

They talk to the people they want to avoid and they do the tasks they would rather put off for another day.

It is very easy to just do those simple tasks that take up time, but do nothing toward your goals.


That is the key to success, just )(

If you are wondering what the heck )( is, I guess I'll have to tell you.

Get belly to belly with 50 people that can buy your product today; get )( with 50 people and talk. Find out how your product can help them. Some big ticket items may require just 10 people, small ticket you may need to talk to 200 today.

A good businessman or salesman is not a good talker. No, they ask good questions and they listen.

Once you know what your potential client wants, you will know if you can help him.

If you can't help him, find another belly.

Get belly to belly with 50 people today.





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