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Saturday, October 15, 2005

dreampower & the wishweb


dreampower: The authority your subconscious exerts over your conscious actions. Developing and reviewing your dreams and goals heightens your awareness to paths that will achieve them.

There are dozens and perhaps hundreds of items within your sight, but you only notice a few. Have you wondered at the selection process? Your subconscious picks and chooses what you will notice, based on what you have noticed before.

If you concentrate on noticing something new, after five or six periods of this training it will become "natural" to notice it. Once dreams and goals are part of your subconscious, it will be natural to consciously notice ways to achieve them.

That is why you dream, and then write down, and then repeat your goals, again, and again.

Wishweb: The decision you make to expend the effort required - to have a chance of reaching your goals - and living your dreams.

If your goal is to be financially free in 2 years it will take more than just noticing opportunities; you will have to commit to achieving your goal. You may commit and then change plans, but your commitment must not slack.

In motion toward your dream you will discover new methods of finding the success you seek. Consider not the effort already expended, but the end result if you start over. Do not dilute your effectiveness by tackling too many ventures - instead focus on the one most likely to succeed.

There are pleasures to be found in focused commitment to creativity and action.




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