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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Embrace Change


A rut is just a casket with the ends kicked out.

It is so easy to do today what you did yesterday - and the day before.

If you are already uber-successful you probably already embrace change.

If you want to be uber-successful - to embrace change you must first initiate change.

Change takes some getting used to, and it can be uncomfortable.

Start in areas you know are a rut, but you would normally stay there. An example would be to drive a different route to work. You will notice new things, think new thoughts, perhaps even develop new ideas into something useful.

Other changes can be to eat different foods, visit with different people, read a new type of book, take a class in another discipline.

Change your tunnel vision developed by living in a rut.

Crawl out of the rut, observe a different world, live a different life.




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