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Thursday, October 27, 2005

A Small Piece of Wisdom


Most of you know that I feel C. F. Bastiat has valuable insights for us. Bastiat thought and wrote in a period similar to ours.

In Bastiat's day the agricultural economy was shrinking, as the industrial age gained in strength.
In our day the industrial age is the one shrinking, as the new miniaturization and information age dawns. - The future will be far different than we imagine.

This web site is about achievement. To be ready for the future you must be willing and able to adapt. You must also realize that what worked yesterday may not work next week.

Some things last. Read this short article (a PDF download) by Bastiat called The Law, It will in less than 25 pages show you a way to understand economics, politics, and group dynamics of all sorts.

If you find this as interesting as I do, take a look at the College of Human Interaction at Bastiat Free University. You can register for free, monitor classes for free.

But hit that link for The Law regardless. - It is a short read that may impact the rest of your life.



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