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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Make Money With Web Traffic

You want targeted traffic.

The traffic you get from most internet schemes is a waste of time and/or money.

While I usually don't do this, I've got an article here that deserves your attention. I may not agree with everything - but this is not the advice you will get from your usual upline in a network marketing business. Consider this a challenge to learn techniques beyond what you have been shown.

You want to be in charge of your own business and investments - start today.

This week we continue our multi-part series on real
world ways to get traffic to your site.

There are basically two ways to get traffic.

1. Free methods that take a long time to work.
2. Paid methods that work fast.

In the last issue, we looked at ezine advertising and
pay per click.

This week we look at how to maximize your investment
with these powerful methods.

>>>> Email Marketing

Email marketing is without any doubt THE most powerful
form of paid advertising online.

What most people miss is that there are many ways to
accomplish email marketing for their site.

Just look at these ways in which email marketing can
help you sell more online.

* Ezine advertising - ads are sent via email
* Joint ventures - Basically an ad to a private list
* Rented lists - Again, and ad to a list you rent
* Autoresponders - all follow up systems use email
* Ezine publishing - ezines are delivered via email
* Blog post announcements - usually delivered via email

If you are not using email in your marketing now, let
me offer this tip on how you can start using it

1. Create a follow up system for your site.

The BEST selling sites online convert about 10% of
visitors to buyers on the first visit. This leaves us
with one all-important question ...

What happens to the other 90%?

Basically, one of two things happens to visitors who
come to your site but don't buy the first time.

1. They forget about you, never to return.
2. They do return and buy what you sell.

How can you make sure that your site falls into the
second group, the group that makes sales?

You *remind* them to return via email.

In my years online I've found that there are about five
core principles that work every time. And I do mean
every time.

One of those truths is this ... if your site does not
follow up via email, you ARE losing sales and money.

No doubt about it.

Happily, you can fix that and fix it today. Use this
link to discover how easy it is to create a follow up
system today (not next week or month but today!)

>>>> Joint Ventures

Joint ventures used to mean an arrangement between two
people where they both did about half the work and
split the profits. Ideally, they had complimentary
skills such as one being a programmer and the other a

Today, the term 'Joint Venture' has devolved into a
situation where one person has a mailing list and the
other wants to sell their product and will pay a very
high commission.

And that's okay.

So how do YOU profit from joint ventures? Here's my
short list of things to do - and things to avoid - when
it comes to joint ventures.

Remember, these are guidelines based on what I have
seen work, not hard and fast rules.

Use this list and, over time, it will help make you
more profits than you can imagine.

Do ...

* Create a list of joint venture partners you want.
* Send an email introducing yourself and asking if
they are interested in a JV at some point.
* Tell them what's in it for them.
* Keep your emails to them short.
* Create a web page where they can learn more.
* Get interested JV partners to join a list of JV
* Make more than one offer. Not every offer is
right for every partner, but time can become your
ally if you are persistent.
* Post your JV offer to forums that allow such posts.
* Be creative. Not everyone is motivated by money only.
* Use the phone. Limit yourself to email and you
won't get as many JVs as if you email *and* call.
* Give partners lots of lead time. Nothing is
worse than getting a great JV offer that has to be
done tomorrow.
* Provide partners with ready-made marketing tools
like 'copy and paste' emails, banners, and more.

Do Not ...

* Approach people to joint venture with you on
products that they can become an affiliate for
* Buy someone's product thinking that doing so
will obligate them to JV with you.
* Send very long emails with a sales pitch.
* Send too many emails and waste their time.
* Offer anything less than 50% commission.
* Spam your JV offer ... ever.
* Quit - Never quit trying. JVs work and can work
for you no matter what.
* Think that you can't get a JV because you don't
have a big name. Everyone starts somewhere. You
can do this.

The keys to success with Joint Ventures are to be
creative, generous, and persistent. Find the right
JV partners with the right offer at the right time
and watch as very good things happen, all without
you having to spend a dime!

In the next issue we'll cover the last two ways to
get paid traffic to your site, teleseminars (yes,
they can work for you!) and creating a powerful
affiliate program.

Until then, apply these words from Winston
Churchill to your marketing.

"The nose of the bulldog is slanted backwards so
he can breathe without letting go"

In other words, when it comes to YOUR success
online ... never give up - never surrender your

Charlie Page helps people succeed online. How can he
help you? Find out now at his main site or call his
toll free number.



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