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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

How To Start Your Own Home Based Business

Have you wondered if you can have a home based business?

The first question you probably asked yourself was -- is a home based business even a possibility?

The simple answer is - yes.

But before we explain let's throw a bit of reality in here.

You will not be able to toss someone a bunch of cash and make even more cash the next day. Life doesn't work that way - you will have to work at your home based business just as much, or more, than you worked for someone else.

Any real business will require time, effort, and money.

In some instances you can replace the need for large amounts of cash with larger amounts of time and effort. If you have no business experience - it will take even more time. Give yourself at least two to five years to create a growing home based business that will support you.

The easiest real home based businesses to start are on the Internet - which is one reason there are so many scams on the Internet promising to make you wealthy tomorrow with no effort. Another reason for the scams is sometimes they work - and someone hands over money to acquire the scammer's help and experience.

It kinda works - the scammer gets the money - the scammed gain some experience.

Enough Bad News!

Yes, you can have a real home based business.

There are several routes, some of which I will mention here.

You can create your own content rich website using powerful tools alongside your effort and creativity. If you try this on your own, and study everything you can find - expect it to take five to ten years.

For about the same costs you can find an integrated suite of tools and web hosting that will both train and direct your home based business success. SiteSell provides such a suite - there are others. Sitesell is real though - that may save you both time and money investigating.

If you want to sell your product, someone else's product, or promote your existing local business - SiteSell is a great tool to use.

Perhaps the easiest product to handle is a digital product. Without inventories costs are low - profit margins are high. If this will be your first venture into an Internet home based business - use someone else's product that already has marketing tools affiliated with it.

You can develop your own products latter when you understand the world of funnels, auto-responders, lists, and splash pages.

A low cost digital product that has many benefits, besides being real, is Global Domains International (GDI). There are no start up costs, and the fees are only US$10.00 a month, almost anyone that will read this journal will be able to afford to join and start earning and learning very quickly. Ignore the mentions of thousands of dollars a week - as a beginner expect to pay $10.00 a month as you learn. Two years from now - if you put in time and effort you will have two great benefits.

Your first benefit should be a growing income, getting larger each year. The second is you may have learned enough to launch your own digital products successfully. In years two to five that thousands of dollars a week may happen, and you can enjoy your profitable and successful home based business.

Whichever type of home based business you start - stay focused. There are many tools that will support your marketing efforts, but they are just tools. Spend the majority of your efforts and planning on your primary business.

With that warning let me provide you with a set of free tools to support GDI. These have the benefit of teaching you marketing strategies that will enhance your own future product sales. If you go the Sitesell route instead - bookmark this page and come back once you are done creating your site - many of these tools will profit you also.

The integrated marketing system for GDI is called IncomeBoost, and it is well worth the time of looking to any home based business marketer, use whatever pieces will help you.


Go out and start your own home based business.




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