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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

DreamPower Is Staying Power

When Martin Luther King intoned the words "I have a dream" he was stating that he had a goal that drove his life.

Whether you think Martin Luther King was a socialist rabble rouser or a saint, he was a man dedicated to a goal.

It was a goal that survived past the end of his life.

If you are floundering, flopping around like a fish on the shores of indecision, it is perhaps time to pick a stream and dive in.

In a recent article I inserted occasional thoughts about finding a sustaining goal for your life - one that would motivate you in good times and bad.
I'll post three of those thoughts on dreams and goals here:


If you have a need or goal, write it down right now. As you read through this article imagine how you can use these tools to realize your desires. What you write is your reason to continue - and succeed. You might need to refer to this often.

To succeed you will need to discover other's needs and goals - and help them understand that they too can also succeed by applying these same simple tools.


This is a good time to take another look at your written reason for pursuing your own success.

Is your written goal strong enough to get you to expand your comfort zone and try new things? If not - spend the time to add some notes toward your commitment to that dream, need fulfillment, or goal.

  • Regardless; that written statement of what you want to achieve is very important to your future. Write a desired date for fulfillment on it now.

Of course if you want to see these in context - go here.

The main idea is simple - take a driving need, dream, or goal and focus on it. Review that dream often - if it is big enough and powerful enough it may last longer than you.

That could be a very good thing.



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