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Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Money Is In The List

That is an old saying "The money is in the list." At least as old as things can be in the internet.

The general gist is that mailings to those that have chosen your material represent the best prospects for your services.

How do you build a list?

You offer a regular newsletter and some report inducements - and your regular readers and customers become part of your list.

Is there a way to leverage your list, or to build one from scratch?

I have not done the leg work on my blogs to create a list, so I am trying an internet specific solution. The site I'm using to build a list is useful to all -- both those with a list and those without.

If you want to develop a list for marketing, join me in exploring the possibilities at the well regarded My Lucky List.

My Lucky List does not require that you have a list, or even a website, just a desire to market your product or service without spam.

And you can try it for free.



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