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Friday, June 02, 2006

High School student Internet Business

This is not just for high school students that want your own Internet business - it is for anyone that wants any type of business.

Do the ground work first just like this high school student, then start your business. Eventually he will look back and realize he learned more starting a business than he did in business school.

A teenage Internet business works for several reasons, reasons that will benefit anyone that attempts an Internet business as a route to freedom.

  • low overhead
  • low regulation
  • short start up delays
  • no one sees you - it does not matter what you look like
  • quick payoff for creative ideas
  • fast learning curve
  • bad ideas discovered cheaper and sooner
And a heck of a lot more.

Do your own research for your high school or college Internet business. I'll give you a couple of places to start - but you may find better. These are just two that seem to have promise.

SiteSell website creation and hosting service
. They have great tools for affiliate marketing sites to create your own Internet business.

Or a cheaper alternative with a simple built in business. These guys have an idea that can reduce your overhead while allowing you the freedom to start any type of Internet business. Use their simple software to create an original web site - then create a better site in a publisher and transfer it in - continuing at the same cost. No annual fees here - just a small monthly charge you can quickly overcome - and no contracts to tie you in.

What is most important is to find a high school student Internet business
you can be passionate about - then you will never have to work at it, you will enjoy the price.

Your hobby can support you.

Or as in the case of this high school student - provide steady cash flow.



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