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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Relaxed, Refreshed, Renewed

And ready to leave for another couple of weeks.

Not yet.

The tough job of getting back into a rhythm of posting to my blogs, when I have other tasks to pursue, is not at the top of my list.

Top of Internet list.

Clean up Bastiat Free University internet higher education site to prepare for end of beta - June 29.

Set up more pages for Speculation Rules anti- investment advice main site.

Get a Spanish translation for several pages of different sites - Junior Partner - BFU (esl & efl) - and Silent Partner including meta tags; then submit to Spanish language search engines. Chinese simple and French to follow. This task is not at the top of the list for a reason.

Get a post on each of my blogs to re-start my engines.

This post is done now, onto the others.

Speculation Rules - anti investment blog

Prayer Chapel - twice a week - Wed & Sun

A Sovereign Speculator - Rants and political insights

BFU update journal - good things happening here

Entrepreneurial Business e-learning - rediscovery of the pleasures of a self directed life

And maybe a dozen other projects.

This is on top of my normal schedule.

If you want to get something done - give the job to a busy person - they know how to schedule.

Today - This one post and normal duties are enough.

Tomorrow the world

or maybe the day after.



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