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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Advertise Your Information Product With Clickbank

Consider advertising your digital product online;

Or perhaps testing a new way for you as a vendor to augment your existing online advertising.

With Google and Overture ads you pay per click (ppc) to get exposure as an Internet business. If this generates a positive ROI there is no reason to discontinue it.

There is however another option that is less labor intensive than constructing, testing, and maintaining ppc ads. Use tens of thousands of Clickbank affiliates to sell your product - on a commission only basis.

I have recently signed up as a publisher with Clickbank, an Internet advertising company that does it the old fashioned way. Clickbank pays commissions on actual sales.

Clickbank is a reputable company - and with no incentive to control clicks. If your product doesn't sell, you don't pay. This is a low maintenance Internet business opportunity that has no costs, unless you are generating cash flow.

A click on one of the Clickbank advertisements on a publisher's website generates a visit to your site. If you convert the sale, you pay the commission that you have determined.

This week I will be replacing some of the ppc ads in my new personal finance and investment
site with Clickbank vendor's advertisements and testing their effectiveness.

From what I have seen Clickbank vendor Ads should be good both for me as a publisher, and for you as an advertiser.

If you are selling a product consider testing Clickbank Internet advertising media.

Greater profits are a good thing.



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