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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Business Opportunity In A Home Based Business

A small business run as a home business, can it make money?

If you are looking for a work at home opportunity, Internet businesses are not the only choice.

As an independent salesman with a home based business - Ross Rayburn has done very well. Ross graciously shares his small business experience in this interview.

A business opportunity can be created that fits you - by you. Internet businesses can make money - and can provide income - but be careful.

There are a lot of scams out there, avoid promises of free, no work, tested systems. The only people these work for are the creators of the systems, and only sometimes for them.

After over a year on the net and playing with all sorts of programming, I realize that there were short cuts to Internet business opportunities - but there is still a price to be paid.

If you are willing to do the work, Internet businesses can be started in a reasonable period of time with a minimum of regulation. Just avoiding red tape makes your Internet business a better opportunity than many brick and mortar businesses.

There are opportunities to combine the internet with network marketing. Most take a large amount of time for little positive return. After eight months of research I have found one worth pursuing -
it has a free trial period - and appears quite flexible.

You might want to check this online business opportunity that I have just started with my daughter.

there are also several reasonable approaches to profiting from an internet business opportunity that is fully web based. The best two seem to be contextual advertising and affiliate marketing. Long term success in either will be dependent on your constructing a useful site with reasonable content.

Rather than just starting a blog and learning through your mistakes - like I have done - research and perhaps purchase some useful software tools. There are a lot of free tools available on the Internet also, but they take lots of time to discover and master.

A group that sells top notch internet business tools, but offers a lot of free net marketing information is SiteSell. You could spend months learning from what they offer for free. If you then see value in their tools - pick them up.

This next link will take you to a page that lists some of their free information. Consider it an introduction to their Internet marketing tutorial resource pages.

SiteSell could save you a year or more of misdirected effort, at no or little cost.

It is about more than internet business opportunity success.

It is about Your future!



At 2:47 AM, Blogger Web2earn said...

Hi, nice blog and thx for the info.

Working from home used to be something utopic for me just 2 years ago, as it probably is even today for 95% of all people. However, I found out that while you won’t get rich overnight on the Internet, you can generate some nice income. Now, I live in Romania, which is a rather poor Eastern European country, with an average wage of about $300 per month. You can imagine what a huge impact my discovery of online money making possibilities meant – especially since I am now earning constant 4-figure USD earnings each month, through various online activities (hosting ads on my websites, freelancing as a content writer and graphic designer).

I tried to put all my knowledge to good use and summarize it in a new website, which I invite you to check out if you have the time - – learn how to make money online


Michael Rad

At 7:25 AM, Anonymous allan said...


Normally I erase any comment that spends most of its time leading up to a link to their site. At best it seems unpaid internet advertising, at worst it is spam.

The above comment looks like a cut and paste that would be dropped by a spammer onto many pages. No real relevant thoughts on the content - just a lead into a link.

For those that are considering an internet business, comments on blogs can create traffic to your site. If the comments are considered spam they will be erased and resented.

If you leave comments, make them pertain to the post you have read, and you may become part of a community - with repeat readers.

Rad, your main site does seem to have real information, good luck with your new blog.


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