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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The journey of a thousand miles

Starts with getting out of bed.

I'm off to see new things and consider some new Internet service business opportunities.

Perhaps I will have a new journal entry for you when I return.

Internet business opportunities - honest work from home

But I suspect I am more likely to return to giving small business advice than pushing internet business opportunities. Advice, stories, and experiences that may help you succeed - that is what I am best at - that is what I enjoy.

Read those favorite posts to the right for a taste.

We shall see in a week or three. Subscribe to our RSS feed ( if you use a news aggregator like "My Yahoo." You will then be one of the first to see our next post. Click on the orange button to the far right of our URL if your aggregator is automatic.

Until then concentrate on what is most important.

Enjoying your life!

I'm out and about --




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