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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Put A Hundred To Work

The power of small business is in multiplying the efforts of one committed person. You start your business, then you decide others can be trained to do what you do, so you train them. The following is a cut and paste from another of my small business sites.

Years ago I was driving to a seminar with another small business consultant. He said what he wanted to do was get dropped off at the side of the freeway and collect just one dollar from everyone that passed. He was making a point - that is the easy way to wealth - one dollar at a time.

With care for the customer and attention to detail you can oversee others and build a repeat clientele also. This is not compulsion like the governments do it, this is voluntary interaction by willing participants - each gaining from the transaction.

You can make a one million dollar sale - or a million one dollar sales - and still sell a million dollars worth of product.

It is often easier to find a million folks willing to part with one dollar each.
The difficulty is in handling one million transactions.

That is why you train and employ others.

It is easier to put a hundred to work - than try to do the work of a hundred.



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