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Monday, June 26, 2006

How To Start Your Own Internet Business

For people of my generation computers can be a scary thing.

The first encounters we had with computers were from afar, perhaps a bank telling us a small mistake caused the computer to misplace our account. Computers at that time filled rooms and were tended by large groups of arcane worshipers.

Now the world has changed.

Kids have their own computers with far greater power than the old building sized monsters - and they willingly put their banking information on them. Fourteen year old kids develop significant income with their own Internet business.

One advantage of an Internet business is we do not see our clients and they do not see us - it is our reputation and credibility that empowers our sales.

As a wise survivor you may understand the many conceptual benefits of a business on the Internet, some of which include:

  • low regulation
  • low entry cost
  • small risk
  • portable if you decide or need to move
  • automated systems
  • and a bit of techie status

Twenty plus years ago I was scared of computers. I took a job as a computer teacher to force myself past my fears - and latter became the director of a computer school. I know how intimidating all this computer stuff can be.

Perhaps it is time for you to force yourself past your own computer reticence - by starting your own Internet business. The knowledge you need to succeed has been displayed by getting this far - the final hurdle is to just start.

I will suggest a turn key internet business, it is one I am in.

There are a lot of other similar opportunities out there - but I do not know if they will work.

This will take a few hours or so to set up, and can then be left alone - or - developed as you develop greater skills and confidence. There is no cost to sign up, and after a free trial period there is at most a $10.00 per month fixed expense. There are no contracts - you can quit anytime.

The goal is to create significant cash flow - generating a regular income that will follow you wherever you go.

There will be two websites you will acquire for that $10.00 per month, one finished and ready to rumble, one blank to experiment with. A marketing plan will also be set in motion - you can augment it as you wish.

I'll provide some help as you learn.

If you want a first business - or want to diversify from your current brick and mortar business:

Check It Out Now



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