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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Two Birds - One Stone

There is an interesting challenge over at the Hello, Dollar blog.

(The stone just missed the first bird, I tried using the track back to
Hello Dollar, looks like google's blogger still doesn't play that game - or I blew it. Guess I'll have to use a normal link.)

Anyway, what Frank proposes is creating something with ten dollars that will yield a capitalist's return. Quite a challenge - although he already has one inspiring successful comment.

The second bird was I would like to tell Frank about the new business I've started for my daughter - but that would sound like spam. The business can be started for free, and after the trial period it is only ten dollars a month. My reasoning is if before the end of the first paid period it starts to earn more than $10.00 income - I've created a business for ten dollars.

After three weeks I have a continuing income of $5.00 per month, at this rate it will take two and a half months to burn through that ten dollars. - that means I need to push it up five more dollars per month to qualify within the next 4 or 5 weeks.

I still won't be able to tell Frank at
Hello, Dollar - it would still sound like spam. Part of the reason is that I hate to think small - when large rewards are available for thinking large.

I really don't care if I make ten more dollars a month, I started the business (see my personal business story) to create hundreds of dollars a month of income or more.

I will be sorely disappointed if I just break even or double up.

I understand the satisfaction that comes from getting a bargain, but my time and especially my thoughts, should be worth a great deal. When I see a site like this one that seeks out a fifty dollar reward - I know it feels cool to win. I just think my time, effort, and thought should be worth far more than that.

Perhaps it is time for all of us to consider where we are putting our efforts.

Could we get the same satisfaction, for the same effort -- with a far greater return -- somewhere else?

Upgrade your equipment and hunt lions instead of birds. Sometimes shooting for a more important target keeps you focused.



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