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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Playing with business toys

You will notice a little box to the left - for now.

It is another "tool" to try.

Instantbuzz has several such traffic devices - I show other's ads - they show mine. A bit like blogmad or blogexplosion - but mainly aimed at business sites - and pyramid schemes.

It is worth a try.

I'm experimenting with all sorts of interrelated systems, most of which will be marginal at best. I am still using traffic swarm, it has been effective at driving traffic to Bastiat Free University entrepreneurial college, and a bit less effective for my other sites. There are so many similar affiliate sites my real sites seem to stand out.

Just as trafficswarm has paid for itself - it looks like TopSurfer will work - and for many of the same reasons. I am even stretching out a bit and trying a paid solo ad on TopSurfer, if I see a positive return on the investment I will try it again.

If playing with all these different sites seems a challenge, go check out the free internet marketing e-book mentioned in the prior post. The e-book publisher and author has done the heavy lifting for us - at least as far as researching and testing the best web based business marketing systems.

I admit sometimes this is frustrating - but the long term payoff should be very good. For instance I no longer need to surf trafficswarm - I just change the adds occasionally. Even the marginal systems will be additive once they require no further effort - each contributing a small piece to the expanding whole.

These other tools should work the same way - you fight inertia until it starts rolling - then you can step back and play elsewhere.




At 6:31 PM, Blogger Paul E. Zimmerman said...

I'm giving InstantBuzz a try - so far, so good! I like the concept and the unobtrusiveness of the ad bar. There's definitely potential, here!

At 7:06 PM, Anonymous allan said...


Thanks for the comment.

Yeppers - that Ibuzz bar may well work out, I doubt if I will keep that gray ad tab though.

It is fun to discover new pieces to the puzzle.



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