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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Two Quick Notes

I may get a chance to write another post soon.

Take a look at my son's new site on job search and job recruiting.

Yes he is a head hunter, mostly in the mining and resource sector. If you know a mechanical engineer looking for a job send him over. If you are looking for an executive in the mining or engineering industry give him a call - or wait for him to call you.

In two weeks this site should be fully operational - and its usefulness should just keep growing.

If you are wondering what I'm doing - I'm kicking back.

My new business is going fine - and growth is above projection.

For a small Internet business that cost nothing to start - my total investment so far is about $12.00 - and I this month I should have break even cash flow. Within a year I anticipate several hundred dollars a month cash flow, within two years over a thousand. That may not seem like much - but it is better than not earning an extra thousand a month - for little effort - and almost no investment.

Also remember I am ahead of my anticipated plan, so these numbers might be low. I'll keep you posted as I find this interesting.

If you want to look at this business for yourself or a friend - I've put up an article Here -


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