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Friday, July 07, 2006

Three reasons To Have Your Own Business

You can find all sorts of specific reasons to have your own business.

These reasons for having your own business include perks such as cash flow, tax breaks, or pride of ownership.

The three basic reasons are actually quite general.

You may want a business so you do not have to work for someone else. Personal freedom and the ability to call all the shots yourself makes this an attractive option for many people.

Another reason is to create a valuable property and perhaps steady cash flow. This will normally require a set of entrepreneurial tools in your management and leadership tool boxes.

There is a third reason that appeals to many - myself included.

When you start a business you have to do many tasks you would prefer to avoid. As your business grows you can hire and train specialists for the tasks you like least. You can even hire outside companies to take over entire sections of business tasks.

I sum this up with a short couplet that reminds me how the future will unfold.

I'll do what I enjoy -- for the rest I'll just employ.



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