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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Promote Your Business With A Mailing List

As you cruise the net you see lots of requests for your e-mail address.

These will normally give you some information, and add you to a mailing list. Under current US law you can get off the list easily - but many either don't want off, or won't bother un-subscribing. If the offered information is seen as valuable - the list will continue to grow. (example)

The software that picks up your name in an autoresponder, it automatically sends the requested information, and probably has programmed a series of follow-up e-mails or newsletters at set intervals.

As a small businessman with a unique product - these lists can become invaluable to you.

The building of your first autoresponder takes a bit of effort - but the resulting list will bring you business for years - you will have the ear of the respondent until they quit or die.

A low effort alternative is the My Lucky List list generation site.

As soon as you are signed up with YLL send out an e-mail - even if you have no list yet, this seems to trigger their system. As a free user You will be allowed to mail to a redrawn random list once a week. You will also receive several e-mails from folks that are provided your e-mail. My list sizes have grown and shrunk, but it is worth getting that e-mail sent - I have received some nice business from it.

The e-mail subject line says YLL first - I'm sure many are deleted by reflex. I scan the e-mails I receive and open only those that interest me. A compelling and original subject line is therefore imperative.

Sending just one e-mail a week to a growing audience takes little time - but your YLL list may yield some fine results.

Building you own exclusive list that is targeted from your special business is far better. It is worth the effort to learn to use your own free autoresponder.

There is of course no reason not to do anything and everything that ethically helps your business.



P. S. One additional tool would be ad tracking. As you get clicks and sales it helps to know which ads and headlines worked. You can even change a small element and compare the results of two ads - that makes ad tracking a very powerful marketing research tool.



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