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Friday, August 11, 2006

Deferred Gratification

This is not what you want to hear - this is not exciting.

There are
no legal and ethical ideas I've discovered that will consistently make you wealthy by next weekend.

I know of several ideas where you can apply work with creativity and you
may be making good money in two years, and possibly have found wealth in five years, but even then there are no guarantees.

What I can offer is some sound advice.

Pick a business or an investment style and get to work. Study ways to expand your reach and to improve your results. If this is new to you - start small.

After 6 months of consistent application you will begin to discover if this is the route for you. After two years of effort you will be competent and have built the skills and knowledge for success. After five years you may well have discovered and created wealth.

This will not happen with you sitting on your backside.

There will be work and time involved.

Keep working, keep learning, discover how you work best and fit the business into your life - don't fit your life into a job. Adapt as you learn, and don't be afraid to apply your growing knowledge in new ways.

You have a choice.

You can watch a re-play of the last five years unfold over the next five years - and likely end up right where you are now or worse.

Or you can change.

If you want to do the work and reach for success - I would love to work with you. Click every link in this article and investigate the various offerings - pick one and follow through.

Or click the x at the top right corner and escape to keep your life as it is.

Enjoy your life,




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