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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Small Business Internet Marketing Tools

I wrote earlier about the usefulness of an auto-responder, it is a necessary e-marketing tool.

I have used an e-book, written by a successful e-marketer, in my online businesses. I have now put up some information on that free e-book at Speculation Rules - and used an auto responder to increase my effectiveness.

The basic premise is that most folks say no out of habit at least a few times before they buy. Think about it, we walk in a store looking for a particular product, a salesman walks up and asks if they can help us, and we say no.

That no was a reflex. We might even quickly correct ourself and say "uh, wait a minute - where can I find that new DVD movie Accepted."

We all say no quickly out of habit - even when we want to say yes.

As Clark Kent's editor Perry White might say "I've been in this business 50 years, man and boy, and I've never gotten yes as a first sales response."

Industry myth says it normally takes seven tries to get to yes - when somebody does want to buy. Perhaps there was a study on sales that created that number 7 - shrouded in the mists of the last century.

A surprising number of auto-responders are programed with seven follow ups; or perhaps not surprising considering the power of "old wives tales." Realistically if there was such a study it probably proclaimed an average of seven attempts were made before the sale. In that case some may have been on the second try, and some on the fifteenth.

Stopping at seven follow-ups may leave money on the table.

I've only written the first two responses for my auto-responder tool so far, I'll probably go out to ten or twelve when I finish it in the morning.

Feel free to prove me wrong, get and read your free marketing tools e-book on the first auto-response at:


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