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Sunday, August 27, 2006

We Are All Actors On A Stage

Whether you are currently a wage slave in a cubicle cell, an independent-contractor, or an entrepreneur -- we all get paid according to the performances we give.

I recently read a trainer associated with Success University stating a thought I have heard in several guises before.

Money is nothing more than the applause you get for helping others." - Stone Evans

Stone is a helpful and optimistic guy, so he chooses to ignore the seamier performances in back alleys that are also done for that same applause.

The key though is that we all work for that same applause, and money is an applause that can linger long after our performance.

The workers in cubicles are part of a cast of thousands - and are paid accordingly. Their contribution as a crowd scene extra has individually added little value to the production. "Cut - see all of you next show."

Large solo acts generate great applause - but normally worked their way up from supporting roles in small town productions. Early small stage leading roles frequently provide the experience necessary to earn latter world wide accolades and awards.

Money won't make you happy, but it will make you more comfortable in whatever state you find yourself. Applause alone is not enough to satisfy long term - but rewards are better than rejection or being ignored.

Since you are already an actor on a stage - study your craft. Every performance is a chance to hone your skills.

Also consider attending a casting call for a different type of performance. A role much more likely to generate thunderous applause directed toward you --

one with you in the leading role.



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