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Friday, August 18, 2006

You Can Do It

Business is not for the gambler.

Business is for the persistent.

Do your planning. Study your markets, products, and competitors.

Do it better.

But what is even more important -
keep doing it.

Keep studying your markets, products, and competitors. Learn new things to study and develop. Apply yourself to being better at satisfying the needs and desires of your customers.

and Keep Doing It.

In sports you need to keep repeating the basics to excel. Business is better than that. Yes the basics will keep you alive and help you grow.

But in business just one home run or goal may establish you for life.

Then keep up the basics to endure.

Keep swinging, keep kicking, continue running the plays.

The big one is in the percentages.

Do it.

Do it right.

Keep doing it.



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