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Saturday, September 02, 2006

The Next Step In Money Making Internet Business Creation

The last post was about auto-responders, I've gone the next step and built a splash page.

With the help of one of the posters at the earners forum I've crafted a first draft of a new splash page. "Whats that," you ask - it is a short and direct page crafted for traffic exchanges. Most folks don't take time to read involved pages when they are surfing.

To overcome the quick scan you need short and powerful ad copy.

A good splash page is short and sweet. It gets right to the point and drills it home.

The creator of the splash page I modeled mine after has a useful blog on
a very useful topic -- making money. Visit his

Make Money Online Blog

to pick up some of his money making ideas.

You can also visit my Online Money Making Business Ideas page and see how a splash page looks.

I prefer regular money making pages - but in a traffic exchange like traffic swarm, a splash page should work much better.

The eventual goal is having learned how to use all these tools, I'll create my own product(s) and use these tools to market it. In the meantime I'm building a nice side income while I'm learning.

If you want to learn how to create an online income - how to make money, check out that splash page Click HERE.

If you can leave some comments about the experience it would help me to improve the next one.



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