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Friday, September 22, 2006

If Not You, Who? -- If Not Now. When?

Are you a visionary?

If you are a visionary, you have personal views of how the future may unfold - both positive and negative.

The negative is upon us. What will be birthed out of these coming panic times will depend on the actions from people of vision. If you are one of those creative people that looks beyond today - it is time to start acting in accord with your beliefs.

You have the vision - now you need to start on your personal mission, for the rest of your life.

You have at least a general knowledge of what needs to be done, and you know if you do not do it in all probability it won't get done.

You need to move your knowledge from the general to the specific - but you need to do something else first.


Your vision and your mission are like longitude and latitude in a rockets guidance system. Together they can get you on target with that purpose that should by now be dominating your life. Proper co-ordinates will have no effect if the rocket remains on the pad.

Get off your pad and start moving.

Your purpose needs to be bigger than supporting a political party or throwing a few dollars at a committee. The world is full of needs - you are uniquely suited to meeting some of them.

Society is changing as we leave the industrial age - huge organizations will collapse as individuals gain power using technology. We can have a world where feudal states are in constant war - or a world where competitive small states reward producers and value exchange; it will probably be a mixture of both.

That is my vision - and the reasoning behind Bastiat Free University. The poor have an opportunity to become rewarded technology enabled producers - if we dismantle archaic educational systems and provide open learning enabling self-development. There is likely a window of decades or less to effect positive change.

What is your vision?

How can you influence the future?

You are the person.

Now is the time.

Get off your pad and get started.



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