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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Is Multiple Streams Of Income A Bad Concept?


The concept is put forward as creating "multiple streams of income" to form one large income -- and it has merit

The flaws I have seen are in execution, not in the streams of income concept itself.

There are potentially multiple streams of income in the program I recommend -- IncomeBoost.

IncomeBoost is powerful for one reason - all the businesses you will join, most for free, support your one business.

One Business is the key and anchor of this business model - all the other pieces support marketing that business and each other - or are logical extensions beyond the original business.

Any business you join needs to be your business - only use tools and strategies - and add other businesses you want to work with. The other side of the question is -- do those pieces work together. If they do not fit, you have headed into "diworseification" - and guaranteed yourself average results at best.

There are thousands of businesses that have attractive offers - only use those that will greatly benefit what you already have. Focus on improving your existing business.

The business you will eventually create should fit neatly together - conserving your energy and time.

If you have to try new schemes just to see how they will work out, try a different tack. Start developing your own product that will complement what you have and apply what you are already learning.

This should be your eventual goal anyway - to offer your own complementary products others will sell for you. If you sign up for the Seven Strategies e-book that is filled with business ideas - you will start the learning necessary to create your own products.

If you don't have time for that - you probably don't have time for new unrelated programs either.

Your choice - your business - your future.

If you want to pursue the multiple streams of income beast, I would suggest taking a high powered rifle rather than a shotgun.

focus on the essentials.


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