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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Allan Wallace's Entrepreneur Builder system.

Allan Wallace's Entrepreneur Builder system.

That is the catch phrase for one of my projects. I've been doing small business consulting for decades, but it is those driven entrepreneurial types that are the most fun. The passion they have for their product and for their customers makes them exciting to be around.

I keep running into folks that seem to believe a special education is what creates an entrepreneur. They either explain they can't start a big business because they lack that peculiar education, or they want to know at which university to get an entrepreneur's education.

Bah - Humbug.

Here are the steps to becoming an entrepreneur.

  • Center on your passions - work at what you love and you will never work.
  • Research that passion - find out if and how there is money to be made pursuing it.
  • Find a mentor, someone already highly successful - and copy their style to get started.
  • Keep learning - formally, informally, constantly seeking out new information.
Notice college is an optional and small part of entrepreneurship. Passion is what's mandatory.

Go to college if you want to be part of a business bureaucracy. As an entrepreneur you will find the flaws of bureaucracies and exploit them. That niche bureaucrats are too complacent or blind to pursue can create wealth and freedom for you.

Get started now and work hard.

If you need a bit of an outline - check out the free Entrepreneur Builder 101 from Bastiat Free University.

There is good material in that BFU course - but success is up to you and your own persistence and passion.



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