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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Just A Simple Pencil

The beauty and power of capitalism can be found in this wonderful little story related by a pencil.

I Pencil carries a great message, and as one so closely associated with writing it is no surprise that Mr. Pencil spins a story so well.

My attention was recalled to this brief and exhilarating story by a student at Bastiat Free University. I seems the link to I Pencil in one of our courses was no longer connecting.

I mourn the passing of a link to valuable knowledge, and especially a fun read. I will therefor promote as a eulogy to the former link a new link to the I Pencil story as told to Leonard E Read.

Here is a way to access a sharpened learning tool capable of surgically removing ignorance without pain.

Another way to honor that dearly departed link is to ask you to click on a new link to the same interesting story, and ask you to read it.

The old I Pencil link is dead - Long live the new link!

Ladies and gentlemen - I now present for you edification and enjoyment:


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