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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Do You Have A Small Local Business

Are you a web master for local businesses?

The link in the title is for business owners that want to do it themselves. The link at the end is for webmasters that want to help local businesses.

Both courses are free and full of valuable material.

Just a few short years ago, the Internet
was not really the place to
reach customers in local markets.

However, search giants such as Google
and Yahoo! are responding to a growing
shift in customer search patterns...

More people are searching for local businesses!

From SiteSell:

Sharon Odom Fling, a Webmaster and LOCAL small business
marketing expert, shows Webmasters how to tap into the huge
and desperate local business market.

As the engines meet the needs of local search, making it
easier and easier, expect local search to expand. Due to a
positive feedback loop, local search is growing... fast.

That's great news for local Webmasters, IF they know how to
actually build local BUSINESSES, not just sites. A webmaster
business course is also available - at no charge.

Small businesses in your neighborhood, actually in every
neighborhood, NEED help. Most of them have never owned a
Web site, or have failed at one or more. They have no clue
how to make it generate leads and sales for their business.

These local business owners often view Web site building as
too complicated or not worth the time and effort.

Sharon also presents real-life case studies (with full
audio) on 5 budding entrepreneurs who are successfully using
the Net.

Download these free courses and read them.

Sharon's eight highly-effective strategies show Webmasters
how to connect with local biz owners, AND how to make this
market successful, AND how to make these owners rave and
build buzz about their Webmasters.

If you're a Webmaster and it's right for you,

what are you waiting for?



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