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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Are You Thrilled With Your Current Job?

Most people like at least part of their job - or they would leave.

What you may like is just that you have been there a long time and you hate change even more than you hate the job.

For everybody else - today it is time to change.

You don't have to change everything - just you.

Opportunities await your action -- it is time to start moving.

If you can not decide which way to move consider your passions first. Now all you need to do is find those that share your passions, and are willing to pay to learn and experience more.

Take it to the Internet. Your knowledge and passion can create your dream job, doing what you love when you want to do it. You will not get there today - but you can start today so you will be there in a year or two. What will you be doing in two years if you don't start today?

Expect the Internet to get regulated and taxed eventually - but for now it is very easy and inexpensive to get started. Those that wait will have a harder time than you.

The Internet has the following advantages, and more:

  • a billion international customers waiting, all wanting something specific
  • inexpensive to start and build your business
  • inexpensive and free advertising
  • easy, fast, and inexpensive to test and measure alternatives
  • you can work when you want to - at your own pace
  • a quick way to start earning money
  • low operating expense
  • low regulation
  • easy to automate

Did I mention inexpensive?

And that list is just the start.

But to acquire all of these benefits you have to start.

Do IT!



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