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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Allan Wallace's Entrepreneur Builder system.

Allan Wallace's Entrepreneur Builder system.

That is the catch phrase for one of my projects. I've been doing small business consulting for decades, but it is those driven entrepreneurial types that are the most fun. The passion they have for their product and for their customers makes them exciting to be around.

I keep running into folks that seem to believe a special education is what creates an entrepreneur. They either explain they can't start a big business because they lack that peculiar education, or they want to know at which university to get an entrepreneur's education.

Bah - Humbug.

Here are the steps to becoming an entrepreneur.

  • Center on your passions - work at what you love and you will never work.
  • Research that passion - find out if and how there is money to be made pursuing it.
  • Find a mentor, someone already highly successful - and copy their style to get started.
  • Keep learning - formally, informally, constantly seeking out new information.
Notice college is an optional and small part of entrepreneurship. Passion is what's mandatory.

Go to college if you want to be part of a business bureaucracy. As an entrepreneur you will find the flaws of bureaucracies and exploit them. That niche bureaucrats are too complacent or blind to pursue can create wealth and freedom for you.

Get started now and work hard.

If you need a bit of an outline - check out the free Entrepreneur Builder 101 from Bastiat Free University.

There is good material in that BFU course - but success is up to you and your own persistence and passion.


Friday, September 22, 2006

If Not You, Who? -- If Not Now. When?

Are you a visionary?

If you are a visionary, you have personal views of how the future may unfold - both positive and negative.

The negative is upon us. What will be birthed out of these coming panic times will depend on the actions from people of vision. If you are one of those creative people that looks beyond today - it is time to start acting in accord with your beliefs.

You have the vision - now you need to start on your personal mission, for the rest of your life.

You have at least a general knowledge of what needs to be done, and you know if you do not do it in all probability it won't get done.

You need to move your knowledge from the general to the specific - but you need to do something else first.


Your vision and your mission are like longitude and latitude in a rockets guidance system. Together they can get you on target with that purpose that should by now be dominating your life. Proper co-ordinates will have no effect if the rocket remains on the pad.

Get off your pad and start moving.

Your purpose needs to be bigger than supporting a political party or throwing a few dollars at a committee. The world is full of needs - you are uniquely suited to meeting some of them.

Society is changing as we leave the industrial age - huge organizations will collapse as individuals gain power using technology. We can have a world where feudal states are in constant war - or a world where competitive small states reward producers and value exchange; it will probably be a mixture of both.

That is my vision - and the reasoning behind Bastiat Free University. The poor have an opportunity to become rewarded technology enabled producers - if we dismantle archaic educational systems and provide open learning enabling self-development. There is likely a window of decades or less to effect positive change.

What is your vision?

How can you influence the future?

You are the person.

Now is the time.

Get off your pad and get started.


Thursday, September 21, 2006

Hamburger, Coke, & Fries

Fast Food, or a chance to learn from one of the best.

This is not be a tough decision. In fact you can have the combo meal and learn how to develop the most important part of your Internet marketing business.

Don't ignore this.

I don't know how to tell you how important this might be to your future. At almost no cost.

I will tell you to look this over, once you see what is offered and at what price you will be amazed.

It costs nothing to look. It may cost a huge amount to ignore it.

Don't let your perceived lack of a fishing pole keep you from landing the big one. Click here now to check it out.



Monday, September 18, 2006

For Your Success - Get It Done

A couple of the keys to your daily success - free of charge.

Clear out the emotional debris that clogs your effectiveness. First thing each day do two very important business actions.

  • Talk to the person you least want to talk to.

  • Do the task you least want to attack.

Get these out of your way early and you won't have to make excuses all day about why you can't get started. You got started - with important actions.

Now you can get on with that part of the job that you know is also important, without the strangling effect of negative tasks undone.

Do this daily - do it early - see how much more is accomplished in your whole day.

Each daily success leads toward a life time of successes.


Friday, September 15, 2006

Internet Marketing Ideas - A Start Up Guide

How do you apply the internet marketing ideas you already have?

Where do you learn the knowledge to make internet marketing work for you?

Bastiat Free University has put together a pdf e-book with lots of resources for starting your own internet marketing business.

These are the same materials that are planned to be included in BFU's Internet Marketing 101 course. There are also some peeks into even deeper insights. Here there is no graded homework - just internet marketing materials that you can work with to start up your business.

If you are willing to do the work - here is an opportunity to explore the ideas used to create huge and very profitable internet marketing empires - all presented as basic internet marketing business ideas.

If you have been asking "Why doesn't someone make a free e-book with enough solid internet marketing information to get me started?" Bastiat Free University just has.

As a pdf you should be able to read these internet marketing ideas on any platform, even a PDA. Download the free Adobe Reader or the open source Foxit PDF Reader if you don't have one yet.

It has not been decided by BFU if they will continue to make this internet marketing e-book available after the classes start. Pick up and read your copy today:

presented by Bastiat Free University


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Is Multiple Streams Of Income A Bad Concept?


The concept is put forward as creating "multiple streams of income" to form one large income -- and it has merit

The flaws I have seen are in execution, not in the streams of income concept itself.

There are potentially multiple streams of income in the program I recommend -- IncomeBoost.

IncomeBoost is powerful for one reason - all the businesses you will join, most for free, support your one business.

One Business is the key and anchor of this business model - all the other pieces support marketing that business and each other - or are logical extensions beyond the original business.

Any business you join needs to be your business - only use tools and strategies - and add other businesses you want to work with. The other side of the question is -- do those pieces work together. If they do not fit, you have headed into "diworseification" - and guaranteed yourself average results at best.

There are thousands of businesses that have attractive offers - only use those that will greatly benefit what you already have. Focus on improving your existing business.

The business you will eventually create should fit neatly together - conserving your energy and time.

If you have to try new schemes just to see how they will work out, try a different tack. Start developing your own product that will complement what you have and apply what you are already learning.

This should be your eventual goal anyway - to offer your own complementary products others will sell for you. If you sign up for the Seven Strategies e-book that is filled with business ideas - you will start the learning necessary to create your own products.

If you don't have time for that - you probably don't have time for new unrelated programs either.

Your choice - your business - your future.

If you want to pursue the multiple streams of income beast, I would suggest taking a high powered rifle rather than a shotgun.

focus on the essentials.

Make Money With Web Traffic

You want targeted traffic.

The traffic you get from most internet schemes is a waste of time and/or money.

While I usually don't do this, I've got an article here that deserves your attention. I may not agree with everything - but this is not the advice you will get from your usual upline in a network marketing business. Consider this a challenge to learn techniques beyond what you have been shown.

You want to be in charge of your own business and investments - start today.

This week we continue our multi-part series on real
world ways to get traffic to your site.

There are basically two ways to get traffic.

1. Free methods that take a long time to work.
2. Paid methods that work fast.

In the last issue, we looked at ezine advertising and
pay per click.

This week we look at how to maximize your investment
with these powerful methods.

>>>> Email Marketing

Email marketing is without any doubt THE most powerful
form of paid advertising online.

What most people miss is that there are many ways to
accomplish email marketing for their site.

Just look at these ways in which email marketing can
help you sell more online.

* Ezine advertising - ads are sent via email
* Joint ventures - Basically an ad to a private list
* Rented lists - Again, and ad to a list you rent
* Autoresponders - all follow up systems use email
* Ezine publishing - ezines are delivered via email
* Blog post announcements - usually delivered via email

If you are not using email in your marketing now, let
me offer this tip on how you can start using it

1. Create a follow up system for your site.

The BEST selling sites online convert about 10% of
visitors to buyers on the first visit. This leaves us
with one all-important question ...

What happens to the other 90%?

Basically, one of two things happens to visitors who
come to your site but don't buy the first time.

1. They forget about you, never to return.
2. They do return and buy what you sell.

How can you make sure that your site falls into the
second group, the group that makes sales?

You *remind* them to return via email.

In my years online I've found that there are about five
core principles that work every time. And I do mean
every time.

One of those truths is this ... if your site does not
follow up via email, you ARE losing sales and money.

No doubt about it.

Happily, you can fix that and fix it today. Use this
link to discover how easy it is to create a follow up
system today (not next week or month but today!)

>>>> Joint Ventures

Joint ventures used to mean an arrangement between two
people where they both did about half the work and
split the profits. Ideally, they had complimentary
skills such as one being a programmer and the other a

Today, the term 'Joint Venture' has devolved into a
situation where one person has a mailing list and the
other wants to sell their product and will pay a very
high commission.

And that's okay.

So how do YOU profit from joint ventures? Here's my
short list of things to do - and things to avoid - when
it comes to joint ventures.

Remember, these are guidelines based on what I have
seen work, not hard and fast rules.

Use this list and, over time, it will help make you
more profits than you can imagine.

Do ...

* Create a list of joint venture partners you want.
* Send an email introducing yourself and asking if
they are interested in a JV at some point.
* Tell them what's in it for them.
* Keep your emails to them short.
* Create a web page where they can learn more.
* Get interested JV partners to join a list of JV
* Make more than one offer. Not every offer is
right for every partner, but time can become your
ally if you are persistent.
* Post your JV offer to forums that allow such posts.
* Be creative. Not everyone is motivated by money only.
* Use the phone. Limit yourself to email and you
won't get as many JVs as if you email *and* call.
* Give partners lots of lead time. Nothing is
worse than getting a great JV offer that has to be
done tomorrow.
* Provide partners with ready-made marketing tools
like 'copy and paste' emails, banners, and more.

Do Not ...

* Approach people to joint venture with you on
products that they can become an affiliate for
* Buy someone's product thinking that doing so
will obligate them to JV with you.
* Send very long emails with a sales pitch.
* Send too many emails and waste their time.
* Offer anything less than 50% commission.
* Spam your JV offer ... ever.
* Quit - Never quit trying. JVs work and can work
for you no matter what.
* Think that you can't get a JV because you don't
have a big name. Everyone starts somewhere. You
can do this.

The keys to success with Joint Ventures are to be
creative, generous, and persistent. Find the right
JV partners with the right offer at the right time
and watch as very good things happen, all without
you having to spend a dime!

In the next issue we'll cover the last two ways to
get paid traffic to your site, teleseminars (yes,
they can work for you!) and creating a powerful
affiliate program.

Until then, apply these words from Winston
Churchill to your marketing.

"The nose of the bulldog is slanted backwards so
he can breathe without letting go"

In other words, when it comes to YOUR success
online ... never give up - never surrender your

Charlie Page helps people succeed online. How can he
help you? Find out now at his main site or call his
toll free number.


Monday, September 11, 2006

Internet Marketing For Online Business Ideas

Internet marketing tips and online business ideas - who could ask for more.

If you already have a successful online business, this will be of some value. This is really for those that have an online business idea. If you want an internet marketing tip on how to proceed - there is one shortcut I can recommend.

Let's restate some speculation rules for marketing an online business:

  • you should always buy the book before marketing the online business
  • you should start small - make those early mistakes as cheaply as possible
  • learn one marketing concept well before developing others
  • early lessons are but stepping stones to greater truths

This just might speed up your trip to success. Here is your first internet marketing tip of the day.

The key is to fully understand the basics - and make a bit of money learning them. Once you have the basics down you can start on the really profitable business of creating and selling your own product.

To learn the basics of marketing for online business - get involved in someone else's business that already has an internet marketing plan.

It just so happens I have one of those.

So here is your next internet marketing tip: in three steps.

1) Get and read this e-book on starting your own internet business. It covers and provides basic marketing tools for your new online business.

2) These are the first tools you need to master, so please dedicate yourself to learning and applying them. Mastering these basics will establish your next steps.

3) Build your own product and market it using these tools. You will not be alone- there will be many that would like to market your product and learn from you.

The e-book comes with a two month follow-up of suggestions. These will help keep you on track.

Will it be easy - no.

Will it be instant - no.

Is it guaranteed - no.

But if you want to live an entrepreneur's adventurous business life - this is one way to do it within the next year or two.

Get the e-book on Internet Marketing For Online Business Ideas.

We will already violate one of those speculation rules - you can't buy this business idea book - it's free. Get it and read it today.


Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Search For Integrity

This is beyond Diogenes and his search for an honest man.

This is far beyond a college ethics class definition of honorable circumstantial interrelationships. This is beyond frequenting businesses based on good experiences.

This is personal.

Our society has been defined by size - big government, educational institutions, workers movements, corporate ethics. All of these are shredding their vestments, the vestiges of the industrial age, and none of them are to be trusted.

With the technological empowering of the individual now being experienced, relationships are moving from large scale efficiencies to trusting relationships. This will not be a fast or smooth move, but it is already in progress.

A protean team of netcohort entrepreneurs is self limiting. Reputation is the hallmark of the creative knowledge workers guild.

This is like Saturday morning at the school grounds. Fifty kids show up to play baseball - the best know best eighteen players are selected. the others go home. There is no appeal. There is no adult to insure "Fairness." The right number is selected - no others need apply. The goal is to win the game.

A serial entrepreneur decides to start a new business. If he is wise, he will call together the best people he can trust and get started. Others may be added to the team - by direct knowledge, or by referral from a trusted team member. When the project is done the group disperses to other projects - knowing more about each other and their capabilities.

Reputations grow with performance.

Relationships and reputations are the basis of team selection.

If you lack integrity you will not be invited, if invited you will not be asked back, you will not be referred to another group. You will go home.

When everything was big - everyone was assumed to lie. Herds of lawyers confirmed the deals with contracts - and herds of lawyers broke the contracts.

A hand shake, a "yes I will" over the phone, a nod of the head.

The netcohort society works on reputation - you said it - you will do it. If you fail for good reasons, everyone learns and we keep moving.

If someone fails and offers weak excuses, they will get cut from the team. They will not get a chance at the next juicy project.

Personal relationships.

Personal responsibility.

Personal integrity.

You either have it or you don't. Just like baseball - if you don't have it the first step is practice.

Practice integrity in your everyday walk - love it, live it.

When the opportunity comes, you will be what you have practiced.

Someone said "Practice does not make perfect - perfect practice makes perfect. Practice makes permanent whatever you practice." Your attitude and your integrity right now are the results of choices you made earlier.

If you wish to perform in the most exciting new ventures of this new age - practice integrity.

Your reputation is in your mouth, your thoughts, your actions - your reputation is now in your own hands.

Live integrity.


Sunday, September 03, 2006

Such A Simple Concept

A simple idea I have followed for years but have not written about.

I think it was Rothschild that said "compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world." No, this is not a finance entry that should be in Speculation Rules - it's about our businesses, and our lives.

Over at the Bastiat Free University site we try to improve the site a couple of percent a week. That doesn't sound like much - but BFU is a part time project, and 2% or more is achievable. Often it is hard to notice the changes from one week to the next.

Even without compounding, with 52 weeks in a year, that couple of percent means next years college students will be attending a school at least twice as good as this one. The year after that it will once again be twice as good.

Wait a minute.

If today it is a one, next year it will be a two. A double over the following year makes that two a four. In two years BFU will be four times better than it is today, by just improving it a couple of percent a week.

In three years it will be eight times better than today. In four years sixteen times better than today. In five years that small and steady improvement will make Bastiat Free University 32X the BFU of today.

You can apply this anywhere in your life.

Following the BFU example, consider learning 2% more per week than you know today about a particular subject - and then continuing to learn at that speed. At some point your knowledge base will be large enough that it might slow down. If your passion for the subject is what started your learning, your passion will have that much more to feed on.

Your business, your relationships, your attitude -- all of them can benefit from small but steady improvements.

Such a simple concept - and it is truly the eighth wonder of the world.


Saturday, September 02, 2006

The Next Step In Money Making Internet Business Creation

The last post was about auto-responders, I've gone the next step and built a splash page.

With the help of one of the posters at the earners forum I've crafted a first draft of a new splash page. "Whats that," you ask - it is a short and direct page crafted for traffic exchanges. Most folks don't take time to read involved pages when they are surfing.

To overcome the quick scan you need short and powerful ad copy.

A good splash page is short and sweet. It gets right to the point and drills it home.

The creator of the splash page I modeled mine after has a useful blog on
a very useful topic -- making money. Visit his

Make Money Online Blog

to pick up some of his money making ideas.

You can also visit my Online Money Making Business Ideas page and see how a splash page looks.

I prefer regular money making pages - but in a traffic exchange like traffic swarm, a splash page should work much better.

The eventual goal is having learned how to use all these tools, I'll create my own product(s) and use these tools to market it. In the meantime I'm building a nice side income while I'm learning.

If you want to learn how to create an online income - how to make money, check out that splash page Click HERE.

If you can leave some comments about the experience it would help me to improve the next one.


money making online business ideas