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Thursday, March 04, 2010

They Weren't Trick Questions

Q: "Do you mind if I ask you one of the most important questions you'll ever be asked in your life?" - Jim Rohn

Q: "Have you found the opportunity that's going to take care of you and your family for the rest of your life?" - Jim Rohn

When Jim Rohn asked these questions, they were based on decades of stable growth. Many people that answered yes to the second question are now out of work, waiting for jobs that will never come back. They are waiting at the station for a train that will never arrive.

Some that answered yes are still secure. Professionals may be getting more government interference, but for now they are still respected and doing just fine, thank you. Sales people will always have jobs, 'cause most people don't want their jobs and wouldn't work smart and hard at it if they took a sales position. Most other jobs though, belong to a rapidly fading past.

I've started blogging again to increase the amount of money I'm making online, and to show others how to make money online. It ain't rocket science, but it does take an adventuresome spirit willing to work smart and put in long hours for a while.

The truth: there is no "opportunity that's going to take care of you and your family for the rest of your life."

There is only challenge ahead. Self education and adaption are the only routes that ensure any level of success. With work you can make money and perhaps become wealthy, but floods of wars, falling nation states, collapsing currencies, and other calamities may sweep away all in their paths.

The future will belong to prepared (your responsibility) and adaptable (your opportunity) minds.

But first -- develop an exit plan.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Internet Businesses startup Ideas

Q: Why would you want to consider using one of your internet business startup ideas?

A: Because the world economy has changed, and old ideas are doomed.

Everyone has their own reasons for wanting their own business. So why haven't they started an internet business yet? Fear and indecision are the principle reasons. With good cause. There are a huge number of choices, and an almost infinite number of ways to spend money and receive nothing but embarrassment.

That's not real encouraging.

But staying where you are just makes you a target for the laid off and fired bulldozers that are roaring through the old bureaucracies. If the government still used the measurements of the last depression, this one is already as bad -- and it's getting worse. The longer you sit where you are, the more competition you will have when you finally lose your job.

That's even less encouraging.


The fact you know the old style jobs are going away and not returning, puts you far ahead of all those waiting for trains that will never again visit the station.

Back to using your internet business startup ideas, and creating your own future. It takes leaving behind most of the useless stuff you were conditioned to follow in school. You can finally discover and use your skills and abilities. Use those talents school said you didn't need to develop. You can be valuable for yourself, not as part of a machine.

People that are valuable for themselves will be the new middle class and wealthy. The old middle class gets dumped out the door. They will be at the bottom of the new economy's heap of unneeded, quietly obedient humanity. They will continue to serve corporations and political parties just like they were trained in school -- even in their poverty.

They may starve.

Head over to look at this blog, it lists the different types of businesses available for different personal reasons. Consider them all. Pick one and research it. Leave the heap.

Find your own success.

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