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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Small Business Ideas Blog - time for a change

There appears to be a better fit for my small business ideas than this blog.

Take a look at the prior post on the three required ideas for business success, and then look at my Squidoo lens about the three axioms of business.

It did take longer to build the Squidoo lens, but it works very well. I also don't have to play popularity games with templates, something I just could never get behind. I have good content - but with a blog that is just not enough.

Each page on Squidoo is already pulling traffic. It is easy to set up online marketing and and should draw well for a very long time. I can even easily direct the income to charities if I wish. I had planned to use the lens to direct traffic to this site, and add a few links to my other sites also, instead I will leave this site here and mainly make new lenses at Squidoo.

My updates here will therefore be infrequent.

I have over a half dozen lenses so far and I'm having great fun playing with them. For those of you with the big question, yes it is free to build a lens - just like you can have a free blog.

I figure it takes about the same time to make a quality lens as to write 3 blog posts. They are individually at least a dozen times more powerful than a post. There is also no demand or deadline requiring frequent updates, therefore no burnout.

Visit my nice niche Swiss shop, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.


P.S. I know many of you come here for ideas on how to start your own business, follow that link.



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