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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Focus On One Great Business Idea

We have suggested many small business ideas here that you can use as learning tools.

Attending virtual courses like the Entrepreneurial Start-up series will help you gain knowledge by running internet based businesses. Learning is a good thing.

But to succeed greatly requires many things.

  • A base of knowledge on which to build with deeper understanding
  • A passion for your business field
  • Potential clients that want what you offer
  • And clients that are willing to pay

Most of these small business opportunities don't offer anything to excite your passions. They provide that knowledge that will enable you to visualize how you can best help people for a profit. That is all an entrepreneur is - someone that helps others for a profit.

At some point you will be ready to take off and apply what you know and love to your own business.

When that point comes - focus will be extremely important. Drop all of these learning tools that distract you from your primary goal. For most the "multiple streams of income" approach is like spitting into the wind. It's messy and it is hard to control.

If you are at that point of developing your own business idea - cut out all the fluff. If a business is taking more time than its value, eliminate it. Put your money making effort into your primary business and those tools that will make it grow.

If you are not quite to that point yet, click on the link in this blogs title - that is a program that will help you develop a real business you will not need to close.

A business centered on your passions.



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