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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Small Business Ideas For The Internet

The world is changing - even if you have a small local business your need to be on the Internet.

  • Your competition is getting on the net.
  • Google maps now point out local businesses.
  • All the search engines are starting to reference local business in a more logical manner.
  • Your customers use the net to get information.
  • Did I mention your competition is on the net or thinking about it.

There is a learning curve to getting effective net coverage. This is not like the yellow pages - although for some of you it may be bigger. No-one will come to the door to sell you a standard format. There are kids and professors at the local college that can get you started for little money - or you can do it yourself for almost nothing.

If you use professionals - expect to pay what you would for other professional services. A great web master is part advertiser, copy writer, public relations agent, and navigation specialist. If he does it right - your customer will enjoy the site just as much as the search engines.

There is a value to having bought and used your name in terms of how the search engines will treat you. Pick your name and get something up today, you can re-do it next year if you wish. Web names are like wine - a little age is a good thing.

You can go through earlier posts on this blog if you want specifics on doing it yourself.

Think of it this way - when your customer is on your site he has chosen you. You have his undivided attention to communicate with him.

Make that time valuable to your customer.



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