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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

WAHM -Work At Home, Mom

I've just put together a new e-book for work at home moms, and for those that want to be work at home moms. (you can get it free for now)

There is new material, and there is some old material that has been re-edited and needed to be published.

The plan is to put the WAHM e-book on e-bay and in an amazon store with a buy now price of $10.00. I am also writing a far more extensive, investment oriented, Speculation Rules e-book that will be priced at US$49.99. I now have 5 e-books for the sites - most will be $10.00 or less. There are more books planned.

This Work At Home Mom book will be a bargain. There is encouragement, advise, and some links to work at home programs that really work - really! It is nice to know that if your priority is your family, you can live your life with them.

WAHM is for those that realize it is not what are your priorities but it is who are your priorities. Things are nice, but that is all they are.

A fulfilled life is rooted in relationships, not in things. Being a work at home mom allows you to spend time with what you feel is most important.

Guys can read it too, we have our priorities also.

That is a lot of useful material for a very low entry fee. It is probably going to be available for Christmas - e-mail it to a mom you care about.

You can get this "not quite perfect edition" if you will give me some feed back. Tell me what you liked, what confused you, and what you would like added to the final version.

If you send me timely feed back - "arwally at gmail dot com" - I'll send you a free copy of the final version also.

Download this book about becoming a WAHM - Work At Home, Mom. It's yours now, and for now it's free.



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