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Saturday, November 11, 2006

A Simple Way To Enhance Your Web Presence

If you already have a dozen or so web sites, or if you have no web presence at all, this simple tool can be of help.

It's called Squidoo, and what it does is give you a professional looking one page site that is easy to set and forget.

They use simple to manipulate modules to add e-bay or Amazon, and just as easily remove them. There is a money making component to Squidoo, but I think for most of us that will be secondary.

If you have a dozen sites, this is one more site to add a link to and have send traffic to your sites. Even though it is new, there are already some PR5 Squidoo sites - so it can help your search engine ranking a bit also. Take an hour or two to play with it and then forget about it.

If you don't have a site, this is the easiest tool I've found. Just plug in your information, and you have a good looking "Squidoo Lens." They call the page a lens because you will use it to focus on one business or passion. You can set up many lenses if you wish. Once you have made one, you will see how simple the operation is.

Squidoo plans on sharing profits with charity, and with the lens crafters. There will be a bit of money eventually I'm sure - but the main value is a functional and good looking site. It is the ease of creation and change that will make this a fun-when-its-done project.

How often can you create a fun project in an afternoon, and have it stay meaningful for a very long time. I still have to add my picture to my lens, other than that is seems okay.

It costs nothing to sign up. In fact I signed up under beta and never followed up. I finally built my lens today and was amazed at how easy it was to do.

Take a look at my Squidoo lens built for Bastiat Free University. If you want to make your own push the green button to the right on the lens page.

Simple and fun, you may end up making several lenses. Give it a try.



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