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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Affiliate Marketing

Using your blog or website for affiliate marketing is like being a commission only receptionist.

Some might say doing affiliate marketing is like being a commissioned salesman - but the job isn't that tough. Your job is to pre-sell potential customers, helping them to understand that they may find something good if they click through from your site.

The site you are an affiliate for does all the selling.

At my finance sites I have a button to reach Elliott Wave International. For investors or speculators they offer many excellent "tried and true" services - many of them, including investment training, are available for free.

That prior paragraph was affiliate marketing. I have referred investors to two of my other sites where a referral button waits to Elliott Wave International. While I have done my readers a service - I know and trust the quality of EWI, I may earn a small commission if they find the advisory or educational services a good fit for themselves.

As in all business, integrity is rewarded by confidence.

With some affiliate marketing relationships you do not even need a blog or website - there are online sites you can refer others to and still have done your job.

Affiliate marketing is a great first step to start discovering about Internet businesses. You will get help with marketing, and you can learn various tools like blogs and how to use them best.

If you are interested, successful Internet Marketer David MacGregor has put several Internet tools together to support an affiliate marketing program. Spend half a day setting up the basic Internet business relationships - and spend some time each week adding to your marketing knowledge and effectiveness.

This can be a very profitable experience.

You can earn some online money - you will also learn a great deal about online affiliate marketing.

This will translate well when and if you decide to commit to a complete at home business lifestyle.

David MacGregor calls his integrated affiliate marketing system -




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