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Monday, November 07, 2005

Ross Rayburn Interview


As a bit of a break from my short messages I'll provide you with this link to an insightful interview with a very successful small businessman, Ross Rayburn.

Ross Rayburn tried working for others, he tried having others work for him. What Ross found was he spent more time pleasing co-workers than he did his clients.

As part of Mr. Rayburn's project to develop a course on starting your own business, he consented to give this interview. You will Find the course at Bastiat Free University; even though it is a graduate level course there are no prerequisites. You can also register and review the class at no charge.

If you would like to quit being a wage slave, read the Ross Rayburn interview and see the sort of person that succeeds because they value personal freedom.

You can do it also, if you want success and independence.

For more on Bastiat Free University, click here.

It is your life, determine to live it fully.




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