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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Learnin' not jus' Schoolin'


Education is currently a factory creating human parts for a social machine.

The primary purpose for today's diploma is not related to learning. The main reason to earn a degree is for self promoting, a diploma is a personal marketing tool.

Success defined by society includes a diploma from a recognized college and a secure job with a big organization.

In reality organizations are shrinking, not growing.

Individual empowering technologies are demonstrating the archaic nature of industrial age bureaucracies in the emerging age of information and miniaturization.

Institutions are imploding. - Just as colleges around the world are cranking out a increasing numbers of graduates trained to be cogs in a machine.

The future; - Your future will require you to learn and adapt for your whole life. You need to find a way of learning
that you enjoy.

This change will be a gradual process, if you are working for a degree, continue. The diploma earned however will have less value than one earned twenty years ago, and more value than one to be earned in ten years.

What will be important in the future is integrity seasoned with knowledge, adaptability, and action.

Start training for the Netocracy today.




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